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Aeric Kitchen and Furniture stands as a vivid embodiment of our founder's vision, a testament to his deep commitment to eco-friendly production and masterful craftsmanship

Aeric Kitchen and Furniture stands as a vivid embodiment of our founder’s vision, a testament to his deep commitment to eco-friendly production, masterful craftsmanship, and the essence of “Lu Yi” (绿艺) – the Art of Sustainability.

Aeric Kitchen and Furniture, the premier line from Home Trend Furniture Pte Ltd & Home Trend Furnishing & Design, represents the culmination of our founder Eric’s dedication to eco-friendly practices and exceptional craftsmanship. Infusing traditional skill with modern innovation, each creation embodies sustainable luxury, all while upholding Singaporean quality and the pioneering spirit of eco-conscious manufacturing.

The name Aeric Kitchen and Furniture not only reflects our commitment to excellence but also resonates with the concept of “Lu Yi” (绿艺) – Green Art. This philosophy emphasizes the harmonious blend of nature and artistry, where each piece is crafted with an intrinsic respect for the environment.

Our offerings at Aeric Kitchen and Furniture extend beyond furniture; they are sophisticated solutions tailored to the modern home. With advanced technology, our modular cabinetry systems are designed for adaptability, ensuring a custom fit that marries form with function—each piece a testament to our commitment to sustainability and the principles of “Lu Yi” (绿艺).

Aeric Kitchen and Furniture’s collections resonate with passion and precision, promising not just aesthetic pleasure but ergonomic comfort and environmental respect. Our approach harnesses the latest in eco-efficient technologies, paving the way for a range of modular furniture that sets a new standard in eco-friendly living. This alignment with the values of the contemporary, eco-savvy homeowner underscores our dedication to “Lu Yi,” blending sustainable practices with innovative design.

Speak to our friendly team to design your very own kitchen today and experience the green art of living!

Eco-Friendly Productions

At Aeric Kitchen and Furniture, we take pride in our innovative modular carpentry system and the use of advanced machinery that stands at the core of our production process. This state-of-the-art approach not only minimizes material wastage but also significantly reduces production time, ensuring that we can deliver high-quality, custom furniture to our customers more efficiently.

By integrating these cutting-edge technologies and systems, we are able to optimize our resources, uphold our commitment to sustainability, and maintain our dedication to delivering superior craftsmanship in a timely manner. This fusion of modern techniques with traditional carpentry skills allows us to create exquisite pieces that are both eco-friendly and tailored to meet the specific needs and visions of our clients.


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Customers Reviews

Home Trend has provided us with excellent service, guidance and advice from beginning to the end. Both Eric and Jase have been very patient and understanding. Their years of experience with premium products have helped us very much with designing and colours. The workers were also very professional and friendly. They did their work very well and ensured 100% satisfaction. After sales service was also looked into quickly and carefully.
Home Trend takes great pride in their work ensuring customer satisfaction.

LK Wong

Punggol Way

The design, installation and workmanship of the BLUM KITCHEN were well executed by Eric and his team whom I consider to be competent and professional. The job was well coordinated and completed within the time frame. Overall I am satisfied and happy with the services provided by the company. Highly recommended.


East View Garden

The selection and design was very well explained by Eric and team at Home Trend. This is our 3rd Home and we are very pleased with the Blum units.
Quality and ease of usage are the main reason for us approaching urban kitchen..

Oon & Agnes

Crawford Lane

Very happy with the outcome of the work.


Jalan Berjaya

Home Trend is a very responsive company to work with. Eric and Jase are very professional, they know their work well and I could absolutely trust their recommendations and advice.
I am happy with my new kitchen which was promptly delivered from design to construction and finishing. Great folks to work with.
Thank you.

Grace Ong

Jalan Kebaya

Home Trend did a new kitchen for our semi detached house. Owner Eric was very professional in managing the project starting from concept to execution. He is creative and forward looking in design and choice of material. Working with Eric was a real pleasure. Besides being affable, it was easy to communicate suggestions to him which he willingly took on board. He personally visited the site on several occasions, came up with new ideas. He even accompanied us to Blum showroom. Finally, Eric and his team not only ensured superior quality but also delivered the kitchen well within the time frame that was agreed. We are very proud of our kitchen by Home Trend. Thank you, Eric.


Dalkeith Road

Home Trend did a splendid job.
Everyone is saying just like a showroom.

Thank you.


Surin Lane

“It was through reading other people’s experience with Home Trend that made me visit their showroom. After having visited and spoken to Eric and Jase, I had a good feeling. Though I would preferred to have the whole renovation under Eric’s arms, but due to his commitment, he didn’t want to add additional projects. When he agreed to take on my kitchen project, I was very happy. From on start Eric gave me the confidence that he will deliver, he and his team did. Professionalism is the word.”


Bedok South Avenue

“I am impressed with the fantastic workmanship by Home Trend especially my urbanKITCHEN. The staff are very friendly, their approach is very sincere with practical suggestions and advices. I am very satisfied with their services and job done. With this great experience I had, I would highly recommend Home Trend!”

Shirley Ong

Ghim Moh Link

“Home Trend is professional in presenting the kitchen layouts and they are committed in producing good products. The team is patience in all aspect during the course of work. The process of installation is neat and clean. The installation of the kitchen with the Blum products is excellent.
We will recommend Home Trend to others”

Roy Ho

Mariam Way

“Eric and his team strive to fully satisfy. They truly listened to our desires and made sure to explain all possible options and limitations that could lie ahead. They were also accommodating to our tight timeline and were very prompt with the follow-ups. They have a trustworthy and hardworking group of craftsman who paid great attention to details. The end result was everything and more than what we were hoping for. We are very happy and proud of our new kitchen! Thank you Home Trend!”

Nicolas & Selene

Ernani Street

“Eric is good and provide prompt service during design and installation stage.
Well done!”

Jane Koh

Dedap Place

“We are happy with Blum products and the design of the kitchen cabinets. Eric has advised us on the outer panel design which we like it very much. Keep up the good work, Home Trend!”

John Ho

Fernhill Road

“Eric is very knowledgeable and able to provide sound advice. The 3D visual software has been really helpful in finalizing the design. They are very responsible and able to complete the project on time.”


Tamarind Road

“Eric & team were accommodating & responsive throughout. Their workmanship is brilliant & the quality of work is impressive. I would highly recommend Home Trend!”

June Seaw


“This is the third time engaging Home Trend Furniture for the renovation of our house. Eric has been a very engaging and responsive contractor to deal with. With his excellent time and project management skill, our renovation works were done as per timeline provided by him. The quality of the kitchen cabinets along with the selection of Blum has also made our kitchen the perfect place for us.”

Ben Phua


“Second time using Eric and his team. They really managed to pull the work through in such a timely and efficient manner with all the challenges over Chinese New Year and the ongoing pandemic. The quality of work is exceptional, and I have had all but praise for the design of the new apartment. Will definitely be recommending Home Trend to my friends.”

Denise Seow

Jalan Raja Udang

“Collaborating with Eric was an absolute pleasure; his receptive nature made it easy to convey our ideas, all of which he graciously incorporated. We couldn’t be prouder of the kitchen crafted by Home Trend. Thank you, Eric, for an outstanding job!”


Dalkeith Rd

“In my opinion, the key to finding a good design contractor to work with, is what happens when you change your mind a little detail or when something isn’t quite right. Interior design isn’t an exact science, so there are always going to be small adjustments to be made along the way as the sketched design becomes a 3D reality. This is where Home Trend really excel. Eric and Jase were a pleasure to work with , and, if any detail needed fixing or altering, Eric always reacted quickly and without any complaints whatsoever. That is a trait not to be underestimated when you’re selecting which kitchen build company to go with. Our kitchen turned out beautifully.”

By Peen & Me Alistair Christie

Fernhill Road

“We had our kitchen designed and built by Eric and Home Trend team and it was the best decision we had made in our renovation journey. Eric was knowledgeable and masterful in recommending the layout based on the shape of our kitchen, and was very accommodating when we had to make multiple changes. We are very pleased with the workmanship and professionalism of the team. We highly recommend Home Trend to anyone looking to build a Blum kitchen for their homes.”

Zi Jian

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