Landed Homes

In our Landed Homes project showcase, Aeric Kitchen and Furniture demonstrates the pinnacle of luxury and sustainability, tailored for those who seek the best of both worlds. Our landed property projects stand as a testament to our ability to blend expansive spaces with environmentally conscious design, ensuring each kitchen is a masterpiece of functionality and style. Through the meticulous use of eco-friendly materials, such as HMR V313 boards and low-formaldehyde products, coupled with European fixtures and fittings, we create spaces that are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also kind to the planet. Each project is a unique reflection of the homeowner’s lifestyle, meticulously crafted to meet their specific needs and desires.

Our dedication to sustainable living does not stop at the choice of materials; it extends to every aspect of our design process. By working closely with our clients, Aeric Kitchen and Furniture’s founder Eric and our team bring to life kitchens that are perfectly aligned with the aesthetics and functionality desired in a landed home. From elegant cabinetry that maximizes storage without compromising on style, to spacious islands that become the heart of the home, our designs are thoughtful, practical, and always environmentally responsible. Step into any of our landed home projects, and you’ll immediately recognize the Aeric Kitchen signature: where luxury meets sustainability, transforming houses into dream homes.

Tamarind Road

Situated on Tamarind Road, this Aeric kitchen and Furniture epitomizes the essence of black luxury, offering a sleek and sophisticated design that exudes a chic and luxurious feel. Implementing a dark-theme concept has become increasingly popular among homeowners seeking to express bold design visions, and this stunning kitchen is a testament to that trend.

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Jalan Intan

At Jalan Intan in Singapore, this Aeric Kitchen and Furniture project presents a clean, modern aesthetic that boasts a chic and understated elegance. The crisp white of the countertops and cabinetry provides a bright and clean look, complemented by the warmth of the wood details that add a sense of organic comfort to the space.

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Lentor Plain

Aeric Kitchen and Furniture project at Lentor Plain in Singapore exemplifies a sophisticated and practical approach to modern kitchen design. Here, the warm wood cabinetry infuses the room with a natural and inviting ambiance, beautifully complementing the sleek, dark countertops that offer a sturdy and visually grounding element.

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Ernani Street

Located along Ernani Street, this Aeric Kitchen and Furniture challenges conventional wisdom by seamlessly blending black and wood elements in a chic and modern design, perfect for its landed setting. Contrary to common belief, wood can indeed complement black, adding warmth and coziness to the space.

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Dalkeith Road

Nestled along Dalkeith Road, this Aeric Kitchen and Furniture project boasts an aura of timeless sophistication with its White Envy motif. Anchored by a generously sized island, this kitchen fulfills the aspirations of those who find solace in culinary pursuits.

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