Aeric Kitchen and Furniture: Combining Skilled Expertise with Technological Craftsmanship

Aeric Kitchen and Furniture: Combining Skilled Expertise with Technological Craftsmanship

In the heart of every home lies a kitchen, a space not just for cooking but for living. At Home Trend Furniture Pte Ltd, we understand this intimately and have dedicated ourselves to blending skilled craftsmanship with the precision of modern technology. Aeric Kitchen and Furniture, our house brand is, rooted in tradition yet fashioned for the future, are a culmination of expert workmanship and cutting-edge machinery—ushering in a new era of modular carpentry.

Aeric Kitchen and Furniture, proudly made in Singapore, are the embodiment of local expertise fused with our innovative Modular Carpentry System. This sophisticated system streamlines manufacturing, reduces lead times, and is a statement of our commitment to sustainability. Employing advanced Panel Saw machines from Italy, we drastically minimize errors and material wastage. This not only reflects our drive towards efficiency but also our respect for the environment, ensuring every slab of wood is utilized to its maximum potential.

We revere the time-honored skills of our master craftsmen, who bring with them generations of knowledge and handcrafted precision. Yet, we elevate their artistry through technological synergy. Our Edging Machine delivers impeccably ABS edges that surpass traditional craftsmanship in precision, ensuring a durable and aesthetically superior finish.

Our use of CNC technology represents a revolution in furniture-making. It delivers pinpoint accuracy with every drilled hole, minimizing manual labor while enhancing productivity and product quality. This harmonious blend of human touch and automation ensures that every kitchen component from Aeric Kitchen and Furniture is assembled with unparalleled accuracy and speed, allowing for seamless integration of parts.

At Home Trend Furniture Pte Ltd, we are not just manufacturing kitchens; we are crafting legacies of health and beauty. Adhering to the stringent European E1 standard, our materials ensure low formaldehyde emissions, promising a safer and more beautiful kitchen environment for your family.

By choosing Aeric Kitchen and Furniture, you’re opting for a home that’s not just designed for beauty and built for function but is also mindful of your family’s health and the planet’s future. Welcome to the intersection of artistry and innovation—welcome to Aeric Kitchen and Furniture.